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Hornady LNL AP Pistol Pivot Adapters

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These pivot adapters are designed to prevent double feeding and jamming and are not the kludge fixes people have resorted to in the past with their Hornady LNL AP Case Feeders.

If you've ran 300 Blackout or shorter pistol cases you know that double feeding and/or jamming is a common problem with the feeder. Even with pistol cases, the imprecise nature of the pivot adapter can still cause jams and double feeds. These adapters eliminate all slop in the feeder and make the case feeder work right every time.

Each adapter is tested before shipping to assure quality and full functionality.

Be sure to check the "factory seconds" page to save some money!

Cartridge P9MM P45A P38S P44C notes
32 Auto X       2
380 Auto X       2
9MM Luger X        
9x18 Makorov X        
38 S&W X        
9MM Luger X        
22 TCM X X      
357 SIG   X     2
32 S&W   X      
32 S&W Long   X      
38 Super Auto +P   X      
40 S&W   X      
45 Auto   X      
10MM Auto   X      
7.62x25 Tokarev   X      
38 Special     X    
357 Mag     X    
44 Colt       X  
41 Remington Mag       X  
44-40 Winchester       X  
44 Special       X  
44 Remington Mag       X  
45 Colt       X  
454 Casull       X  


2. May be short for the adapter.


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