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Hornady LNL AP Primer Cam Wire Bracket

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NEW FOR 2020: the OOPS pile. Get cosmetically ugly brackets for a huge discount, 5 for $5 or 10 for $9!

Fed up with the wimpy cam wire bracket from the factory, I designed this one. It's thicker in nearly every regard, and made with a polymer (PETG if y'all care) that is both stronger and more flexible than older polymers. It's a perfect material for a piece like this one, that needs to be stronger and more flexible than the factory plastic.

In addition, the post that hold the wire is open at the side, so you can remount the cam wire in the breakaway post without unscrewing or bending anything. reinserting the cam wire is a toolless operation that takes 5 seconds, and you're back to reloading.

Lastly, it uses the factory screw, so no new hardware!